Opam is "a source-based package manager for OCaml. It supports multiple simultaneous compiler installations, flexible package constraints, and a Git-friendly development workflow" [1].

Installation for different OS

Here is some usefull commands:

  1. Opam allows you to manage several version of ocaml compiler version.
    1. For creating new "switch" (your branch of several compiler versions) with certaing version use
      > opam switch create ocaml.your_version
    2. For checking all of your "switches" try
      > opam switch list
      #   switch           compiler                description
          awesome_name    ocaml-base-compiler.num description
      →   default         ocaml.4.11.2            default
  2. Other key features of opam package manager are installing and managing ocaml/coq package (coq is lib too):
    1. If you want install,uninstall published package try respectively:

      > opam install awesome_package.version
      > opam uninstall awesome_package.version
    2. If you want install,uninstall unpublished/local package try respectively:

      > cd awesome/package/folder
      > opam install .
      > opam uninstall .
    3. For watching already installed packages try:

      > opam list
      # Name                 # Installed     # Synopsis
      atd                    2.10.0          Parser for ...